[Northkeep] Visit by Crown Prince and Princess

Susan O'Neal catmafia at swbell.net
Tue May 22 11:58:04 PDT 2001

I contacted Larissa and she gave me permission to forward her messages to
the Northern List, here.

Greetings Gentle Readers.

It is Our intent to attend the Barony of Northkeep's event of "Castellan"
June 1-3.

This venue of email doesn't well convey Our concern for the Barony, but with
these words please know that We do know that there is much hurt and
confusion in the Northern Lands, and Our hearts are with you.

It is Our intent to meet with the members of the Barony of Northkeep during
Our visit and discuss with you plans for the healing and future of the

We ask that during this meeting only those who are resident within the
Barony of Northkeep attend.  We do understand that these matters are of
great concern to everyone, and that the recent events which have unfolded
have wounded many across the Kingdom, however, Northkeep needs to speak to
Us with it's own voice and share with Us it's own visions for the future.

In Love and Service to Ansteorra, North, South, East, West and Central.

Duncan and Larissa
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