[Northkeep] Words from the Crown Princess

Susan O'Neal catmafia at swbell.net
Tue May 22 11:56:35 PDT 2001

I contacted Larissa and she gave me permission to forward her messages to
the Northern List here.

Greetings Unto the Northern Lists,

First and foremost, thank you all for your letters.  Please know that Duncan
and I are very concerned for everyone's feelings and truly many hours of Our
time each day and night are spend in discussions with many of you, and with
each other in hopes to find ways to help Northkeep and all of Ansteorra's
Northern Region move forward and heal.

At Castellan, We will be "In State" as much as possible so that people can
come to Us and voice their concerns and opinions, as We feel that this is
very much a necessary part of the healing process.  The doors to Our
pavilion are open, the pillows in it are for visitors, please don't be shy
and come in and visit Us.

Please believe that Ansteorra all shares your sadness at all the events that
have taken place.  In circumstances like these, there is no winners, only
sadness, anger and frustration.  We do not feel that anyone has walked away
unscathed, and We truly wish to lend Our hands to helping the North pull
back together.

I would ask all of you to try to find it within your hearts to use this time
before Castellan to the fullest.  To reach out to one another and put to
rest old grievances.  Make an excuse to bake some cookies to deliver to
someone you have lost touch with, draw a picture for the local newsletter of
someone you admire, write a poem of beauty to commemorate the strengths of
the Northern Lands.

If we all do our very best to try and use this time for good, then good will
come of it.

But most important, please do not give up on your dreams.  To quote an old
saying " That which doesn't kill us, makes us stronger."

Grow in strength and beauty for your lands and this Kingdom.  I promise you
We will stand with you, and I for myself will at the very least share alot
of hugs at Castellan.



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