[Northkeep] A few of my Favorite Things

Kelandra Carmichael kelandra_c at hotmail.com
Wed May 23 21:46:52 PDT 2001

This was a really good idea, Robert.  It reminds me why I play this
game...the people.

My first event--Sitting through my first court and having to ask the person
who brought me what everyone was yelling after someone had received an
award.  Then after the event learning to sew (oh what an experience that
was!) a cloak and some dresses so I would have something to wear.  (I also
remember vaguely swearing that I would never ever wear pants in the
SCA...that has sure changed:)
My second event--Was Castellan--ten years ago--this was the event where I
met some guy wearing a fluorescent baseball cap with these really beautiful
eyes. We spent the night walking around and talking and stopping at
campfires to hear people sing.  Then later that same night looking across
the fire at him and smiling and then looking away shyly.  (Because I was shy
back then, and still am for the most part).  We walked more and we talked
more and a year later I married him and still get love sick remembering that
My third event--Kendra Kenmare convinced me that no I wasn't shy and that
yes I could serve...I was so scared of spilling or dropping anything.  But
she made me feel at home.  It would be an honor to be compared with a lady
such as she.
My fourth event--Pensic--Driving down the freeway in Pennsylvania and seeing
the hills dotted with pavilions and banners of all colors and feeling the
rush of excitement We are HERE!  The sound those three thousand fighters
made as the met as one on the field...unforgettable.
Other events and memories--receiving my AoA.  It was the night of our
Baronial investiture...I had just received a Sable Comet (yes, the Night of
the Comets) along with many other people in the group.  Ian was standing
behind the baronial thrones and couldn't get around to escort me when my
name was called...I walked up alone...as I neared the thrones, newly made
Hersir...Thorgrim stood up...came out to greet me, took my arm, and escorted
me the rest of the way.  Then Sigen stood up and told the crowd about work
that I had done.  I was so honored...it was...magical.
When Faolan and I were assigned the task of getting quests from all of the
baronesses at Wastelands (last year?) so that our rapier team would get the
quest points.  And then being recognized by Kat and Dwen and all the other
baronesses there for being cunning and conniving.  (This is also the night
Faolan and I discovered were we really true friends--we were singing at the
tops of our lungs in the car at 2 o'clock in the morning on Friday night as
we drove to Roman Nose...it was not pretty..and neither one of us cared or
stopped singing)
Seeing Artorious receiving his Pelican, Timothy and Malcolm receiving their
White scarves,   Beorthlic receiving his Laurel,  Rowan receiving her Sable
Crane, Navar winning Octavia's Queen's Champions tourney, and later that
year being made a Court Baron.

Thanks Therese (one of the woman in the SCA that I look up to the most and
try to be like--she is always a lady) for lending me clothes and letting me
tag along with you ten years ago to that cold Wolf Star event where I found
a new home and a new family.

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