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This is going to sound funny, but here it goes. My first event was a
protectorate, 1986. Isabella (pre Selwyn) invited me to come with her as we
were at college together. It was wet, It was cold and I had brought my books
to study. (Ok so I am a blonde!) I watched Duke Inman swing a pole arm, and I
was hooked. (BTW Roz has that pic that I took of that) I sat in Selwyn tent
trying to do my homework. Kendra had to teach me the strategic way to set up
a tent so as to be able to watch Colin wake up in the morning, ( and she was
right, the view is incredible)! Listening to Isabella tell Colin that "I
can't come out of the tent just yet, I don't have my make up on!" After
reveling with Mistress Roz and every one and trying the mug of holding, (
Lesson #2, never ask Colin what is in the mug that he is passing you, its
best to just drink and pass it on!) Ending up the night in Sir Burke's tent
(before he was a Sir) freezing my ass off (because Selwyn had left and there
went my lodging) and after that all I wanted to do was to play again and
again and again. Receiving my Purple Fret was also a highlight but that is
another story. Talk about one great, interesting, incredible adventure that I
would not trade for the world. Oh I guess you could say another one of my
favorite things was getting to fighter practice early so we could feed the
little woodland animals. ( and I don't mean Daniel macguinnes or admiral)!
Lady Susannah Blackthorne

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