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Fri May 18 07:53:33 PDT 2001

On Fri, 18 May 2001 09:28:45 -0500 Derek Wilson <dwilson at dollar.com>
this was obviously done to hurt them as well  as the Barony for what ever

I do not believe this was meant to hurt the Barony.  I believe it is
something that happened and we as a Barony must deal with it and prove
that Northkeep is a strong place with strong people who overcome bad
things and move on in a positive way.

Thorgrim and Sigen did what they thought was right for the Barony and
they have found that now is the time to step down.  We as a Barony need
to say thank you to them, let them know we appreciate all that they had
done, and leave it at that - keeping all the past in the past.  They did
a good job while they were in the position as Baron and Baroness.  Now,
we as a Barony need to work together to show we are quite capable of
overcoming adversity without dredging up the past.  We  need to be a
furture oriented Barony.

Kateryn la Esclopiera

Il est bon d'etre la ganse.
(It's good to be the gimp.)
                         -Ryn the Gimp

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