[Northkeep] What Now?

Derek Wilson dwilson at dollar.com
Fri May 18 08:02:32 PDT 2001

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Well we will have to agree to disagree on the who it was to hurt, it is
merely my view that if it was not to hurt the barony then they could have
waited until our major event was done and out of the way before asking them
to step down. 2 weeks would not have made a difference one way or another.

But we do agree that we must not stop moving forward and being strong.

Derek Wilson

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On Fri, 18 May 2001 09:28:45 -0500 Derek Wilson <dwilson at dollar.com>
this was obviously done to hurt them as well  as the Barony for what ever

I do not believe this was meant to hurt the Barony.  I believe it is
something that happened and we as a Barony must deal with it and prove
that Northkeep is a strong place with strong people who overcome bad
things and move on in a positive way.

Thorgrim and Sigen did what they thought was right for the Barony and
they have found that now is the time to step down.  We as a Barony need
to say thank you to them, let them know we appreciate all that they had
done, and leave it at that - keeping all the past in the past.  They did
a good job while they were in the position as Baron and Baroness.  Now,
we as a Barony need to work together to show we are quite capable of
overcoming adversity without dredging up the past.  We  need to be a
furture oriented Barony.

Kateryn la Esclopiera

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