[Northkeep] What Now?

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Fri May 18 13:10:43 PDT 2001

>( but when the crown leaves throwing "stuff" would sure make me feel
>Derek Wilson

Ha stuff, I want to throw ROCKS  BIG D at MN ROCKS!!!!
this is just *&(%&(^%(**$##^&$

I am going to go cool down a bit


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>        This is going to be hard.  Short of having people die this is about
>bad a thing as can happen to a Barony.  People are going to be very angry.
>know I am.  My first reaction was to say "The Hell with it" and walk away.
>I'm sure that a lot of other people feel the same.  Please Don't, we need
>you.  This Barony has given me too much for me to turn away in it's time of
>        Ian.  I can't imagine how you must be feeling right now.  The
>of leading us through this is going to fall largely on your shoulders.  I
>know that you can do it.  I hope that you know that you can do it.  You
>my full support.  I'll help you in any way I can.
>        We like to say that Northkeep is the Greatest Barony in the Known
>World.  That's easy to say in the good times.  But it's the bad times that
>show our true character.  Everyone is going to be watching to see how we
>with this.  It's time to show Ansteorra that we really are as good as we
>think we are.
>        This could hardly have happened at a worse time.  We have an event
>run in two weeks.  We have a Crown coming to visit that I expect that most
>the barony is going to be very angry with.  Though we are hurting we have
>guests coming.  Let's pull together and see to it that they have a good
>        Northkeep is the Greatest Barony in the Known World.  It's time to
>prove it.
>Robert Fitzmorgan
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