[Northkeep] What Now?

Jerry and Teresa Herring herring at rectec.net
Fri May 18 18:19:46 PDT 2001

I did not know what to think or what to say when I heard the news.
I am still in shock, but I know we will survive and I know that I will not
fail this Barony. Thorgrim and Sigen taught us well. They were the leaders
who showed us the way, now we must...no...we will go on. Remembering all
that they are and all that they have done we will not let this Barony fail,
for them and for us. We have all worked hard, and some even bled for this

We will go on. I know many of us are hurt and angry over what has happened.
Their Excellencies were our heart and soul, now they are gone, we will not
be the same again for a long time. In this time pain and anger we must stand
together, stay calm, grieve as we must, and go on.

Thorgrim and Sigen were the best of us, the heart and soul of our Barony
that has been taken from us. As much as I don't want them to be gone it was
their decision to quit. They would not ask one of us to go against our own
decisions and I respect them enough to not ask that of them. There will
never be two like them again. I hope that they can find the magic once more
and some day return to their warm hearth and waiting friends.

Northkeep is far from done.
We have an event coming up in two weeks (June 1-3) This event is our
opportunity to shine. We will all pull together and show our true strength.
We will take this time to show the King and this Kingdom why
we Rock.

We will not fail our Region, our Kingdom, or Ourselves.
We are the jewel of the North,
We are and always will be Northkeep!


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