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LucanSilverwolf at aol.com LucanSilverwolf at aol.com
Fri May 18 14:38:59 PDT 2001

Greetings to all of Northkeep,
    Let me say this,  I am a watcher.  For nearly ten years I have been
watching.  I was there when Sutan won the crown back in fall of 1991.  I was
there when Duke Inman took the Throne and then took on the BOD.  I was there
when Northkeep became a barony. I was there when Our Great Hesir and Herrin
first assumed the responsabilty of thier office.  I have been watching.
    I saw Sigen and Thorgrim take abuse they didn't need and didn't deserve.
I saw them stand for us, tall and proud.  I saw them stay true to what they
felt in their heart was best for us.  I saw them always true to fealty,
honor, and duty as any mortal can be.
    Now I see our barony recieve a great abuse.  Our beloved Hesir and Herrin
have been taken from us.  The nature of fealty is that we must abide by our
king's command, the nature of Honor says we must do so even if it hurts us
so.  Many are speaking of anger, and revenge.  Ask yourselves if you really
believe that this is the course of example that our Hesier and Herrin would
have us follow.  I have watched,  they would not take such a course.  We must
honor their example and take this abuse for the good of our barony and stand
tall and proud as they do.  Let the crown come and feast well and enjoy
merriment at our event.  Time will take care of what revenge would prolong.
We must look to our Barony and protect what Thorgrim and Sigen lead us to
build.  We are the Greatest Barony in the Known World, let's now prove it.
    They make take our Hesir and Herrin from their office, they cannot take
them from our hearts.

    In Service to Dream and Kingdom
        Lucan Silverwolf

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