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Aye all ye have said and more.. but a great ruler
earns respect... not forcefully given over.

Charinthalis Del Sans
--- LucanSilverwolf at aol.com wrote:
> Greetings to all of Northkeep,
>     Let me say this,  I am a watcher.  For nearly
> ten years I have been
> watching.  I was there when Sutan won the crown back
> in fall of 1991.  I was
> there when Duke Inman took the Throne and then took
> on the BOD.  I was there
> when Northkeep became a barony. I was there when Our
> Great Hesir and Herrin
> first assumed the responsabilty of thier office.  I
> have been watching.
>     I saw Sigen and Thorgrim take abuse they didn't
> need and didn't deserve.
> I saw them stand for us, tall and proud.  I saw them
> stay true to what they
> felt in their heart was best for us.  I saw them
> always true to fealty,
> honor, and duty as any mortal can be.
>     Now I see our barony recieve a great abuse.  Our
> beloved Hesir and Herrin
> have been taken from us.  The nature of fealty is
> that we must abide by our
> king's command, the nature of Honor says we must do
> so even if it hurts us
> so.  Many are speaking of anger, and revenge.  Ask
> yourselves if you really
> believe that this is the course of example that our
> Hesier and Herrin would
> have us follow.  I have watched,  they would not
> take such a course.  We must
> honor their example and take this abuse for the good
> of our barony and stand
> tall and proud as they do.  Let the crown come and
> feast well and enjoy
> merriment at our event.  Time will take care of what
> revenge would prolong.
> We must look to our Barony and protect what Thorgrim
> and Sigen lead us to
> build.  We are the Greatest Barony in the Known
> World, let's now prove it.
>     They make take our Hesir and Herrin from their
> office, they cannot take
> them from our hearts.
>     In Service to Dream and Kingdom
>         Lucan Silverwolf
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