[Northkeep] What Now?

Jerry and Teresa Herring herring at rectec.net
Fri May 18 18:58:59 PDT 2001

Greetings Everyone,
There have been so many good words written here on the list: Robert, Kevin,
Karl, Lucan and others. We are human we get angry we vent. In Northkeep we
do not dishonor the Baron and Baroness, the Barony, the Region, the Kingdom,
or ourselves. We must stop this talk of rebellion, about North and South,
talking bad about the King's decisions. We are above that.

I know that you all want to know what we will do now. What the future holds
as far as the Barony goes. We will still be a Barony and eventually we will
have a new Baron and Baroness, but first we must heal and that will take
some time.

I have spoken to Master Richard the Kingdom Seneschal. Richard will be
speaking with his Majesty and his Highness this weekend and from there they
and I will speak and figure out how best to proceed. I will need to all of
you to help me in this. You can help by letting me know your feelings and
opinions. Please email me or call I will try to make myself available as
much as possible. Please bare with me and we will get through this.

Master Richard did say that until a decision can be made we should
concenratrate on making Castellan as grand an event as we can.

It is time to rally my friends,

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