[Northkeep] What Now?

Anthony Lackey catan at webzone.net
Fri May 18 20:19:34 PDT 2001

    This news is but lately come to me, some eight hours ago.
    I, like many, are in distress and uncertain of the future.  What I am not
uncertain about is the esteem in which my lord husband and I hold Hersir
Thorgrim and Herrin Sigen.  We care for them as friends and respect them as
leaders.  I pray that the blow they have suffered from a crown that compassed
their removal from office will not result in the abandonment of those here in
this Barony that love them.  Their leadership is still manifest as witnessed by
the outpouring of caring and concern and honest anger from their people.
    I beg you, do not leave us.  Attend Castellan with us your people at your
back and give grace to our royal guests as we all will do.  I will stand by your
side and when I can no longer stand, I will sit by your side.
    You have worked unto weariness and are heartsick.  Please make no binding
decision for the future but know we love you.

                                                In love and respect,
                                                Her Excellency Catrin ferch
Gwilim O Gonwy,
                                                AoA, Comet, Crane, CSM, CIM,
Compass Rose,
                                                Journeywoman 1st Class of the
Queen's College of
                                                Bards, OL, Baroness to the Court
of Ansteorra,
                                                and, most proudly, Cornerstone
of Northkeep

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