[Northkeep] [NR] The Northkeep/Thorgrim and Sigen Issue

Michael Heydon mdheydon at swbell.net
Mon May 21 08:41:43 PDT 2001

^ ^2. Northkeep does not approve or condone any slanderous, liable, or
^ ^seditious comments from any one. This type of revenge emailing must stop!
^ ^The previous words of  "Marrock" Michael Heydon regarding the
^ ^Nobles of the
^ ^other Northern Baronies do not reflect the opinions or ideas of
^ ^Northkeep.

no one from here has made any slanderous or liable comments.

seditious is in the eye of the beholder.

seditious is allowing liars to sit as landeds, seditious is what the crown
did to our landeds, some idiot from the peanut gallery screeching out the
'truth' is not seditious...


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