[Northkeep] [NR] The Northkeep/Thorgrim and Sigen Issue

Brown Chass dwarvenhome at yahoo.com
Mon May 21 15:29:55 PDT 2001

Umm I didnt get that email... so i dont knwo what was
said etc... are they filtering this ???

--- Marc Carlson <marc-carlson at utulsa.edu> wrote:
> At 08:41 AM 5/21/01 -0700, Michael wrote:
> >>no one from here has made any slanderous or liable
> comments.
> >>seditious is in the eye of the beholder.
> >seditious is allowing liars to sit as landeds,
> seditious is what the crown
> >>did to our landeds, some idiot from the peanut
> gallery screeching out the
> >>'truth' is not seditious...
> Since it's the eye of the beholder, it may well be.
> I'm not taking a stand here --
> I don't approve of how Michael chose to express
> himself, but then my approval
> isn't necessary.  On the other hand, publicly
> presenting an ugly "Fact" in a form
> that serves only to encourage the recent
> factionalism (whether that is needed
> not) is no more or less seditious than the
> suggestion that people redefine
> "stuff" to include dog excrement.

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