[Northkeep] [NR] The Northkeep/Thorgrim and Sigen Issue

Brown Chass dwarvenhome at yahoo.com
Mon May 21 16:04:11 PDT 2001

Gracias... in other words someone said what a bunch of
us was thinking but thought better of saying? Everyone
must realize no matter how much this hurt us think of
how much it hurt Their Excelencies Sigen and Thorgrim.
And by us acting out on our anger it is only hurting
them and their memory, and also giving us a black eye.
We are all friends here and we must pull together and
help one another through this time. I know the
majority of us here at the Canton will do anything we
can to help. If prey tell anyone of yall need us give
yell for we always try to come to the aid of our
beloved barony. And when one of yall see T.E. Sigen
and Thorgrim please give them a hug from us here in
the canton and tell them we will always look up to

In service of Northkeep and the canton of Rundel
Charinthalis Del Sans (AKA Chass it is easier to say
--- Elizabeth Kelley <celticrufus at hotmail.com> wrote:
> someone spoke out against the descision to ask sigen
> and thorgim to step
> down and they did it in a less than mature way by
> speaking of barn's police
> record and saying that he isn't perfect either, yet
> he hasn't been asked to
> step down. (of course my description is fairly kind
> in comparison to the
> actual post)

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