[Northkeep] [NR] The Northkeep/Thorgrim and Sigen Issue

Michael Heydon mdheydon at swbell.net
Mon May 21 20:33:54 PDT 2001

as I am most likely the one who "said" it "this" time (as well as other
times), here we go.

I am usually the first to point out my own flaws and am willing to accept
what ever anyone wants to think of my based on those flaws. I have a
reputation for speaking my mind, and as I offer my own imperfections
willingly I have no ability to accept that others might not be willing to
accept their imperfections either, or that they want me to "believe" that
what they say and not what they do. When I spoke to Thorgrim about what I
had posted, in typical "father-Northkeep" style, Thorgrim  seemed more
concerned about the personal ramifications I would endure for speaking my
mind, but Baron Northkeep and Baroness Northkeep and everyone else who knows
me that pays attention, knows that I accept and prefer to be the only one
responsible for what I say, and that any one in the known world that
understands "I" said it would much rather give me a black eye and a pat on
the head to Northkeep for having me in the zip code list.  But I pay my
membership fee and speak my mind at will, and having done it enough times,
nobody but me gets a black eye for the things I say, I believe I can say...
Trust me on this.

don't mean to rip open a new wound, but I must say that we are not all
friends here, it would be nice if we were, or if we got along, but not
EVERY-one does plays well together... put me at the top of the list... for


^ ^Gracias... in other words someone said what a bunch of
^ ^us was thinking but thought better of saying? Everyone
^ ^must realize no matter how much this hurt us think of
^ ^how much it hurt Their Excelencies Sigen and Thorgrim.
^ ^And by us acting out on our anger it is only hurting
^ ^them and their memory, and also giving us a black eye.
^ ^We are all friends here and we must pull together and
^ ^help one another through this time. I know the
^ ^majority of us here at the Canton will do anything we
^ ^can to help. If prey tell anyone of yall need us give
^ ^yell for we always try to come to the aid of our
^ ^beloved barony. And when one of yall see T.E. Sigen
^ ^and Thorgrim please give them a hug from us here in
^ ^the canton and tell them we will always look up to
^ ^them.

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