[Northkeep] An apology

Frank Howerton hoefish at hotmail.com
Tue May 22 08:56:29 PDT 2001

  In the words of a silly man: Can't we all just get along. We are family in
Northkeep. Sure family doesn't EVER totally get along, but it protects its
own and allows for screw-ups. I don't get along with some of you and don't
like a few, but you are all still my family. Lets all just keep that in mind
before we post. If you have something nasty or distastful to say, don't
filter, send it to that person off list. Merrick and I have almost never
seen eye to eye but the cornerstone was something he received for service.
That service has been given and can't be taken away. Let go into the next
two weeks by throwing one hell of a Castellan event and slap the nay sayers
silly with kindness.

  There will be a newbie tourney at Castellan for anyone who has never won a
tourney. That means almost every Northkeep fighter is eligable :)
Come and try to win this Balsac. I have my money on Etean. Is there anything
that still has not been taken care of? Kisses to all my family.

The Hungus

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