[Northkeep] An apology

Frederick Addington big_daddy_baulsac at yahoo.com
Tue May 22 09:06:56 PDT 2001

yeah why cant we all get along i dont have a problem
with anyone really.

Baulsac the Impaler

--- Frank Howerton <hoefish at hotmail.com> wrote:
>   In the words of a silly man: Can't we all just get
> along. We are family in
> Northkeep. Sure family doesn't EVER totally get
> along, but it protects its
> own and allows for screw-ups. I don't get along with
> some of you and don't
> like a few, but you are all still my family. Lets
> all just keep that in mind
> before we post. If you have something nasty or
> distastful to say, don't
> filter, send it to that person off list. Merrick and
> I have almost never
> seen eye to eye but the cornerstone was something he
> received for service.
> That service has been given and can't be taken away.
> Let go into the next
> two weeks by throwing one hell of a Castellan event
> and slap the nay sayers
> silly with kindness.
>   There will be a newbie tourney at Castellan for
> anyone who has never won a
> tourney. That means almost every Northkeep fighter
> is eligable :)
> Come and try to win this Balsac. I have my money on
> Etean. Is there anything
> that still has not been taken care of? Kisses to all
> my family.
> The Hungus
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