[Northkeep] Tamberlin

Lady Julienne de Lion ladyjulienne at hotmail.com
Tue May 29 09:47:08 PDT 2001

yes i was, but i wasn't the one expecting (she had a boy by the way), i was
the one who got a new name and had it submitted. my husband was the real
tall one, lord canacan, and i had the two boys, a 9 yr old and the teenager.
i just knew i knew you :)

vivat ansteorra,
lady julienne de lion

>Where you by chance at the Heraldy/Scroll Painting
>thing Etienne and Rosamund did awhile back? and where
>you expecting at the time?  I was doing the painting
>thing with Rosamund and I think you may be that lady
>and Rosamund & I cornered your lord into painting...


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