[Northkeep] Tamberlin

Kathy Herndon kathy-herndon at utulsa.edu
Tue May 29 10:24:05 PDT 2001

Lady Julienne wrote:
>yes i was, but i wasn't the one expecting (she had a boy by the way), i was
>the one who got a new name and had it submitted. my husband was the real
>tall one, lord canacan, and i had the two boys, a 9 yr old and the teenager.
>i just knew i knew you :)

Now see, I've been reading this thread, and thinking to myself that I
should know something about where you two might have met, and now I
remember.  I was there, duh.  I had almost blocked that trip out of
my mind completely, due to the unpleasant and expensive happenings on
the way down and back.  Our visit with the good people of Rundel was,
as always, a delightful experience, and we look forward to seeing you
again soon.


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