[Sca-cooks] magpie / Athenaeus

emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Wed Mar 5 14:54:08 PST 2008

> "jays" instead of "magpies". That's not the same kind of bird? (...)

Magpies and jays are both members of the family Corvidae (as are crows).  In 
Latin, "pica" appears to be used for both jays and magpies, so this is 
probably a case where the translators chose different meanings for the same 
word.  Pica is now the genus name for magpies.

Bear  >>

Thanks a lot! However, as you are well aware, the text of Athenaeus is written 

in Greek. The passage in question: ed. Gulick vol. II, page 106.


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