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Nick wrote:
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>> >Barbara Benzon questions this habas in English are garbanzos, which is
>> >the Spanish word for the same. Nobody's got a black eye there?
> I didn't see the previous message, but habas are fava beans, aka broad 
> beans. Garbanzos are chickpeas. > > > > > the crux appears to be in 
> defining the word "chickpea" in the definition of garbanzo. Whose 
> chickpea definition is the valid one in determing what the food item 
> actually was. Bristish/Eupopean dialect appears to consider a 
> "Chickpea" something of what we call in US a "cow pea" or "black eyed 
> pea". that is where the hitch is in the giddy-up here. Defining terms 
> and matching the word to the legume/bean/pea/little starchy thing in 
> soups and salads. niccolo difrancesco
I was asleep at the switch up there and published my error in the 
following digest. When translating first thing I do is to go to the 
scientific name first and then match it in Spanish and English because 
fish for example have been very badly translated into Spanish and from 
Spanish into English so first thing I do is to look up the scientific 
name and I know which books in the National Library of Spain are 
trustworthy like Font, Espasa, the British Ency. etc and which ones are 
not all together like Corbea. The scientific name for garbanzo is /Cicer 
arietinium, /chickpea in English.  The scientific name for cow pea and 
black-eyed pea is /Vigna unguiculata/.

For the record the scientific name for *haba* (the stem, fruit and seed) 
is. /Vicia faba mino/, Eng. faba bean, broad bean or horse bean.

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