[Sca-cooks] map of Chinatown

Heleen Greenwald heleen at ptd.net
Tue Mar 18 08:53:01 PDT 2008

OK... I admit it.... I am a total Luddite.  I have been searching and  
searching on line for a map of Chinatown/Little Italy. All the maps I  
can conjour up are tiny and when I enlarge them, I would have to  
paste about 20 of them together to get the street layout in readable  
form.  (to take with me).  Master A,  (or anybody else) Is there a  
site with a usable map of Chinatown?
Thank you~!
Phillipa, the Luddite

~ It's our choices Harry,  that show who we truly are, far more than  
our abilities.~   Albus Dumbledore

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