[Sca-cooks] Opera lovers

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 20:33:04 PDT 2008

    Tonight in a major cemetery in Santiago, Chile we saw the most 
outstanding performance of Carmen of our lives and believe me I have 
seen Carmen more than 20 times. If you can find a reproduction of it as 
it was on television here, please tell us all how to find it. There were 
5 or 8,000 present so the stage was very high. The Spanish military 
arrived on horseback. The bullfighter arrived in a 1940's polished 
autocar. It didn't end there, the military marched back and forth on 
their horses and the bullfighter arrived a second time at the ring with 
Carmen in the car with him. One of the marvels is that none of the 
horses poohed on stage! Carmen even mounted one and he did not buck 
under the weight of her long dress although quite nervous.
    Apart from the theatrics and much more important - Monica Swardi, 
Patricio Sabete, Gonzalo Tomckowiack and Cecilia Frigerio were on par 
with Caballe, Placido, Jose C and Pavorotti. Watch out for them. They 
are great.
    The dancing was excellent. It was longer than most Carmen's because 
of this. The lighting and costuming were fantastic. And finally there 
was a surprise ending. To make a short story out of this every detail 
was perfect.
    Placido was marvelous when he came here last year but this for me 
topped all the operas and concerts I have seen worldwide to date and 
believe me I have seen wonderful ones.

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