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On Mar 28, 2008, at 11:12 PM, Stefan li Rous wrote:
> Adamantius commented:
>> << While we're on the subject, Mrs. Beeton maintained that only
>> goose or
> duck eggs went into a really proper custard. I don't know that I
> agree, but it seems to be what she thought. >>>
> Mighty hard to find duck or especially goose eggs these days. And I
> don't live close enough to Phlip to get any from her. :-) (Phlip, are
> you back home yet?)  I guess the next time I look through the Asian
> groceries I'm going to have to look for fresh duck eggs, just so I
> can see if they taste different to me than chicken eggs.

They very likely will. As has been said, they seem to have both a  
higher fat content and a higher mineral content, so they're probably  
richer, but if you're just working on a recipe with six yolks, say,  
six duck egg yolks is probably more yolk than six hen's egg yolks.

> <<< I actually got to dredge up the old restaurant formula (6 eggs  
> or 12
> yolks, 1 quart liquid, half-cup sugar plus optional flavoring) to
> coach someone over the phone yesterday, someone who had never made
> custard and who scarcely knew what to look for, through a successful
> custard tart. That was kinda fun. I was getting calls every five
> minutes: "It's been in the oven fifteen minutes and it hasn't set.
> What did I do wrong??? What can I do about it??? Heeeeeelp!!!" >>>
> So what *is* the secret? I baked a custard tart for the pot luck at
> our Yule Revel last December and ended up baking it for at least
> twice the time the recipe stated because the center upper portion
> wouldn't firm up.


> <<<<Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 02:08:39 EST
> From: korrin.daardain at juno.com (Korrin S DaArdain)
> Subject: SC - Recipes x3
> M'Lords and M'Ladys,
>         I thought people might enjoy these.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> --------
>         Custard with Dates and Raisins, Spiced
>         From "The Tudor Kitchen's Cookery Book" Hampton Court Palace;
> Printed in The Oregonian Newspaper Food Day Mar 10, 1998.

<snip again>

>         Filling:
>         2 cups whipping cream
>         3 tb sugar
>         2 tb butter
>         3 cloves
>         1/2 ts ground mace
>         1 pinch saffron
>         3 egg yolks

I can't say precisely how much difference it would make, but I note  
that the version you were using relies on approximately half as much  
egg protein to thicken a similar amount of liquid as the proportions I  
gave... while I'm sure that is still doable, it's a bit harder to get  
predictable results for the inexperienced when doing it this way, I'd  


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