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Craig Jones drakey at internode.on.net
Mon Mar 31 17:25:30 PDT 2008

For those who don't yet know, there is a Sheepstealing Feast
after the
Sheepstealing Tourney in my Barony in July, which I am
cooking. A few people in my Barony have expressed a concern
that the food I have planned (Medieval Mongolian) might be a
touch weird...

So I've decided to put folks minds at rest by publishing the
menu (with
recipes) ahead of time... Vegetarians will be accommodated
if they eat
lamb... Lamb eats grass, so it's close to a vegetable, yes?
Every recipe you see here is real and is from Hu Szu-Hui's
Proper and Essential Things for the Emperor's Food and Drink
(1330), written for one of Kublai Khan's descendents...

I'd love some people's opinions on the the feast balance...


1st Remove

Deer Head Soup

Ingredients: Deer's Head and hooves, kasni, vegetable oil,
black pepper,
long pepper, cow's milk, sprouting ginger juice, salt. - if
I come across a deer in my headlights like last Med. Fair,
I'll accelerate rather than brake...

Euryale Flour Blood Noodles

Ingredients: Mutton, tsaoko cardamom, chickpeas, Euryale
(also known as
foxnuts) flour, bean paste, sheep's blood, onions, Vinegar..
Make the
Euryale flour and Sheep's Blood into noodles. Serve with a
sauce made from the other ingredients.

Turtle Soup

Ingredients: Mutton, tsaoko cardamom, flour to make
vermicelli, sprouting ginger juice, salt, onions, vinegar,
black pepper... Good news.... No actual turtles in this

Bear Soup

Ingredients: Bear Meat, tsaoko cardamom, black pepper,
kasni, grains of
paradise, turmeric, zafaran, onions, salt, sauce (just says
sauce, so I'm gonna use Ketchup). Will need to talk to some
of the larcenous members of the barony to see if we can
steal a sun-bear or two
from the zoo.

Carp Soup

Ingredients: Large young Carp, flower pepper, coriander,
onions, liquor,
salt, stock, black pepper, sprouting ginger juice, salt,
vinegar. The
Murray River's full of carp, so this dish will be cheap as!

Roast Wolf Soup

Ingredients: Wolf Meat, tsaoko cardamom, black pepper,
kasni, long pepper,grains of paradise, turmeric, zafaran,
salt, sauce, vinegar, onions. Talk to Hana. Her Malamute
Gamma's getting a bit long in the tooth, and I'm sure Gamma
found be happy to make the 'ultimate sacrifice' for the

2nd Remove

Sheep's Skin Noodles

Ingredients: Sheep skins (clean, cook until tender), sheep's
sheep's loins, moog mushrooms, pickled ginger, meat stock,
pepper, salt.
I've got a couple of mangy pairs of ugg boots. If I cut the
rubber soles
off, they should work for Sheep's Skin...

Tangut Lungs

Ingredients: Sheeps lung, leeks, flour, butter, black
pepper, flour, butter,sprouting ginger juice... This time,
I'll just tell everyone it's Lamb Marshmallow... Musn't
mention the word lung to anyone...

Sheep's Head Dressed in Flowers

Ingredients: Sheeps heads, sheeps loins, sheeps stomach and
lung.; all
deboned as morsels. Safflower, sprounting ginger, pickled
ginger, eggs,
chinese radishes, onions, salt, vinegar. How lovely... An
excuse to garnish with flowers...

Scalded Jasa'a. A delicacy.

Ingredients: Jasa'a, Vegetable Oil, zafaran, spices,
coriander. As it's a delicacy, I should serve this to the
new B&B. Jasa'a is the various greases, fluids, and
miscellaneous substances found in a horse's intestine...
They'll love it!!!

Cow Medullae Paste

Ingredients: Cow Medullae, Solomon's Sal, Chinese Foxglove
paste, Chinese Asparagus, Oil from Cow Skull Marrow. Serve
dissolved in warm liquor on silver spoons.... Medullae... I
wonder if the butcher has that cut...

Lamb Honey Paste

Ingredients: Cooked Sheep's fat, cooked sheep's marrow,
crystallized honey, sprounting ginger juice, chinese
foxglove juice... SWEET! We have a dessert recipe...

Sheep Entrails Gruel

Ingredients: Sheeps liver, stomach, kidney, heart, lung,
cow's cheese, black pepper, long pepper, salted fruits,
mandarin peel, ganangal, tsaoko cardamom, onions. It's
winter I guess, so we'll need more nutritious soups...

Fox Meat Soup

Ingredients: Fox meat, tsaoko cardamom, grains of oparadise,
mandarin peel, galangal, kasni, . Hmmm, fox... Foxy lady,
want another
bowl? Grrrrowl...

Chinese Badger Meat Gruel

Ingredients: Chinese badger meat, onions, tsaoko cardamom.
Add to rice and fermented black bean gruel... Recipe says it
cures edema... I suspect I'd lose some weight after eating
this one...

Kumiss - Fermented Horsemilk 

Take UHT Cowmilk and put into a bowl. Add yeast and leave in
the sun for 4 days. Blend in a large cheap blender until
smooth. Serve and throw away the blender...



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