[Sca-cooks] vomitoria (was: Crocodile was Magpies)

Sandra Kisner sjk3 at cornell.edu
Wed Mar 5 07:33:30 PST 2008

> >They know all about Roman vomitoriums, which are far
> >more typical in other times and places than in decadent Imperial Rome.
>I believe I have heard something in the last couple of years that
>called this alleged practice into serious doubt.

Websters, the OED and Wikipedia all say that a vomitorium is an exit or 
gateway.  OED online actually gives the "place to vomit" definition and 
lists it as erroneous.  And I know at least one of our local theaters calls 
the seats in small "balconies" over the exits "VOM seating."  Where the 
false definition arose, I have no idea.


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