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Christine Seelye-King kingstaste at mindspring.com
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When we did our little Santa gig at Turner Field this Christmas, we were
stationed in one of the Vomitoria - the main pathway leading into/out of the
stadium.  I was surprised by the usage, but everyone there used it casually
and knew what it meant.  

Santa Dallas at Turner Field, playing catch with mascot Homer the Brave
(Christy filming from the Vomitorium, having to stay back and out of sight
from the Clubhouse above)

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> >They know all about Roman vomitoriums, which are far
> >more typical in other times and places than in decadent Imperial Rome.
>I believe I have heard something in the last couple of years that
>called this alleged practice into serious doubt.

Websters, the OED and Wikipedia all say that a vomitorium is an exit or 
gateway.  OED online actually gives the "place to vomit" definition and 
lists it as erroneous.  And I know at least one of our local theaters calls 
the seats in small "balconies" over the exits "VOM seating."  Where the 
false definition arose, I have no idea.


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