[Sca-cooks] Newbie question about dandelions

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An added note on this wondrous plant:  the greens are a very good source of vitamin C, but definitely use the young greens.  Dandelions fall into the category of 'poisonous' because the white milk contains digitalis - a heart stimulant.  Two others in this category are salsify and milkweed.  

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> Ok, don't laugh, but are dandelions old world or new world food, and does anyone have any recipes or know how they were used?  How did they differ from the common yard dandelions of today?  I have heard of eating them as greens and making wine from them but no other uses.  Is it worth trying with our current crop in the backyard or is this just an exercise in futility?
> Christianna (the newbie one from Texas who mostly just lurks) 

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