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I can not find anything that says Dandelion has digitalis, only foxglove.
Are you sure you were not speaking of the latex from the stem sap and traces
in the leaves which some are allergic to?
Most varieties of Milkweed, to my understanding has digitalis - like effects
but not the substance.

 This is the first time I have heard that Dandelion and Milkweed to be
poisonous, except in cases where the person didn't realize or think that the
neighbor used weed killer on the plant.

Dandelion also contains Vit. A and iron.

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An added note on this wondrous plant:  the greens are a very good source of
vitamin C, but definitely use the young greens.  Dandelions fall into the
category of 'poisonous' because the white milk contains digitalis - a heart
stimulant.  Two others in this category are salsify and milkweed.

(another newbie quietly watching from the sidelines)

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