[Sca-cooks] BAD sources for historical cooks

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Wed Mar 12 17:19:21 PDT 2008

Daniel Myers wrote:
> While they're not recipe books, there are two titles on my personal  
> hit-list.  What makes them particularly insidious is that they're  
> both written for the general reader, and therefore are just the sort  
> of thing a newbie might pick up first.
> The Englishman's Food, J.C. Drummond - Mixed in with all sorts of  
> wonderful information is wild speculation, and over-generalizations.   
> Not to mention that it perpetuates (and may have originated) the  
> moldy-meat myth.
I've always thought actually that the moldy meat goes back to William 
Mead The English Medieval Feast which came out in 1931.
Drummond comes out in a first edition in like 39.
> Food in History, Reay Tannahill - not as bad the above, but the  
> speculations and generalizations are joined by hyperbole.
> - Doc
Tannahill did an updated version of Food in History that corrected the 
mistakes of the 1973 edition and updated
the bibliography. Most people have never seen it though.


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