[Sca-cooks] BAD sources for historical cooks

Patricia Collum pjc2 at cox.net
Wed Mar 12 23:07:09 PDT 2008

I found it- it is a translation of Platina she had a student do. And her 
recipe called for browning the chicken slowly in the fat from 8 slices of 
bacon. Nowadays I would probably have removed most of the fat first. Than 
you stew the chicken in a pot, but she never says when to add the chicken 
stock listed; and she says about how Platina and the other old cooks don't 
give enough info like her modern recipes and rely upon a cook's basic 
knowledge. I realize looking back that I didn't have enough basic knowledge 
to use -her- recipe.

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>  A weird attempt at Chyckens in Hocchee?
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