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<<I thank you for any suggestions.>>
These are books and descriptions from my "How to Choose a Period Cookbook "  
class handout.  One could also add "The Frugal Gourmet Cooks Three Ancient  
Cuisines" or similar, as well as anything called "Traditional (insert country  
here) Cooking"

Seven Centuries of English Cooking: A Collection of  Recipes, by Maxime de la 
Falaise.  ISBN on my (old) copy is  1-56619-112-2.  This has apparently been 
released under a number of titles,  such as “Seven Hundred Years of English 
Cooking”, and with the author’s name in  a variety of forms.  The first section 
covers the 14th through 16th  centuries, but is extremely uneven.  Sources 
are given for all or almost  all the recipes, but the original recipes sometimes 
are not given.  There  are modern recipes for all of them, but they are very 
inaccurate – ingredients  changed, dropped, or added; cooking methods changed, 
use of post-period  ingredients, etc.

Traveling Dysshes Or, Foods for Wars, Peace, and  Potlucks, by Siobhan Medhbh 
O’Roarke and Cordelia Toser, 2nd edition, ISBN  0-9723843-0-8.  A collection 
of recipes from various sources by two SCA  cooks.  While each recipe does now 
list its original (a change from the  first edition), the modern style 
recipes are spotty at best as to how well the  originals are followed.  Does contain 
a useful and generally (although not  entirely) accurate list of period and 
non-period foodstuffs as well as contact  info for sources for more unusual 
ingredients and a list of both books and  websites with more recipes.
Brangwayna Morgan

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