[Sca-cooks] BAD sources for historical cooks

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Thu Mar 13 16:18:25 PDT 2008

niccolo difrancesco wrote:
>I am going to take some heat for this suggestion, but for the above
>definition, "A Drizzle of Honey" is an example.  The discourse is useful and
>documented . . . the recipes seem to be adaptations of recipes from English
>works and made to be more relevant.

Yeah, this came up on another list. I have the book, but i keep 
forgetting it presents itself as having historical recipes, or at 
least many readers assume so, and it definitely does not. I bought it 
not long after it came out and was quite disappointed with the 
recipes (although they are tasty).

And it's definitely one to beware of as SCAdians continue to promote 
it and use it.

>"Food and Drink in Medieval Poland" is another worth considering.
>Both are useful texts, valuable information and unique in the US English
>language, but as actual recipe sources, seem to be less than ideal.  Both
>are mixed bags of info.
>Lest we forget our old friend Joseph Dommers Vehling and his translation of

Yeah, i don't own this, but i suppose i should pick up a cheap used 
copy. We definitely need it.... plus its recipes are all over the 
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