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Thu Mar 13 15:08:43 PDT 2008

Volker Bach wrote:

> >I'm going to try to get it from ILL.   We are
> >talking about doing a
> > Polish/Hungarian feast next fall.    I've been
> >looking at the sources in
> > the Florilegium. And there are recipes in Rumpolt
> >that are labeled as
> > Hungarian.  Any other suggestions?
>There is somecstuff in the 15th century German corpus
>and specifically one of the Munich fragments
>(Münchener Kochbuchhandschriften' published by
>Tupperware Germany, edited by Trude Ehlert, ISBN
>3-403-03364-3) contains four recipes desigfnated as
>'Hungarian or Bohemian', though the text itself is
>Middle High German.
>Generally, there are a few recipes specifically
>designated 'Bohemian', and it has been argued that
>some recipes referred to as 'pagan' (heidnisch) are
>also East European.
>Poke me not to forget to translate the Munich
>fragment. I'm rather busy these days, but I should
>have time for these.
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Consider yourself poked ;-)

I'm very interested.


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