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I have written to Master Braden, the Artemesian judge to see if we have an author or ISBN.? I think what made it "important" for the teams was the large color plates to identify ingredients, which was the first thing they had to do.


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The in print list is substantial and that doesn't mean that they
weren't talking about some out of print volume.
Any idea who was recommending it? Can you write to the judges and ask?


aldyth at aol.com wrote:
> Yet another book question.? At Estrella War during the combat cooking 
competition there was a mention of the book of "Ingredients".? It was described 
as a pretty large book suitable for the coffee table, with large color plates of 
everything ingredient could describe.? I googled it and found there are more 
than one of them.? My cooks guild would really like one, so is there someone who 
can point me to the "real" book of ingredients?Thank you. Aldyth

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