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Good Milady:
We just replaced our large (12" or so) nonstick frying pan with a Farberware 
Millennium nonstick, and we are delighted with it-it was about $40, and 
worth every penny. We had a Calphalon nonstick that we were very unhappy 
with, as the nonstick coating started flaking off within 6 months after 
gettting it, despite the fact that we never ran it on high heat. So, we very 
much disrecommend Calphalon nonstick, but we have a Calphalon stainless 
saute pan, also about 12" that we are quite happy with-it has 
straight-walled sides, a big glass lid, and can go in the oven as easy as on 
the stove. It's got a big plate welded to the bottom, and has very good 
thermal performance-and it's deep enough to put anything but very large 
pieces of meat in. I I think it was about $40 too. In general, my 
understanding is that heavier is better, when it comes to pots and pans-if 
you whack someone upside the head with it (a frequent temptation to anyone 
who lives with Daniel), they should be at serious risk of concussion. We 
have a small enameled cast iron frying pan that we use for the occasional 
hamburger or hot dog, but enameled cast iron gets stained and can chip over 
time, so I don't think I'd recommend that for every day use-also, the French 
stuff is way overpriced.
I don't know if you were planning on purchasing a set or open stock, but my 
suggestion  would be to buy a piece or two open stock before you splash out 
for a set. Avoid T-Fal at all costs; it's too light and does not wear well 
at all.
Hope this helps!
Isabella de la Gryffin

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>I have had a lovely set of Pampered Chef pans for about 5 or 6 years now, 
> nonstick. They've worked well, except that my walled skillet, and smaller
> saute pan are both having problems with the nonstick coating. I think this
> is because they have been exposed to some pretty high heat levels over the
> years, and have been used nearly every evening for dinner since my wedding
> 2.5 years ago.
> I'm thinking I'd like to replace these pans at some point this year
> (whenever budget may possibly allow), and I'm thinking of going stainless. 
> I
> like to make pan sauces and whatnot, and can easily soak any more
> "cooked-on" messes. The other criteria I have is I'd like both pans to 
> have
> lids available, so that I can steam/braise foods, like sautee some chicken
> breasts, but if they are too thick to cook through without burning, add 
> some
> water or broth to the pan, cover, and let simmer for a while to finish
> cooking (and give me a sauce!).
> Does anyone have recommendations for "bang for your buck" for these pans? 
> I
> can't spend a horribly large amount, but want quality for what I buy.
> Stainless is not a forgone conclusion, but whatever finish has to be 
> pretty
> durable, as I use these pans just about every single day (and on weekends,
> or for parties, multiple times in one day!)
> Thanks for any recommendations!
> Ilsebet
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