[Sca-cooks] Replacing a pan...

rattkitten rattkitten at bellsouth.net
Mon Mar 17 16:41:05 PDT 2008

I strongly recommend Browne-Halco Thermalloy Pans and Pots.  You can get 
them at most restaurant supply houses.  I use mine daily both at work 
and at home.  They are actually not to expensive I think that I paid 
around $20.00 for my ten inch skillet.   I have NO idea what the ones at 
work cost since I did not buy them.  NOW mine are probably Aluminum not 
stainless steel however let me recommend a website to check out.  (It is 
where we are getting our new supplies from when we renovate the kitchen 
at work.)
www.sangkung.com  Their prices beat EVERY Place I have been to.  
Admantius could probably tell you all about the store since it is right 
there in or near China Town.   Hell I don't remember where it is, we 
walked up and down Broadway for like 12 hours... but I recommend this 
place for any purchases!!! I have never EVER EVER been disappointed with 
any purchase from them. 

Good luck with your purchases!

Amy Cooper wrote:
> Does anyone have recommendations for "bang for your buck" for these pans? I
> can't spend a horribly large amount, but want quality for what I buy.
> Stainless is not a forgone conclusion, but whatever finish has to be pretty
> durable, as I use these pans just about every single day (and on weekends,
> or for parties, multiple times in one day!)
> Thanks for any recommendations!
> Ilsebet

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