[Sca-cooks] PAM stuff stripping off the seasoning on iron ware?

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Tue Mar 18 17:30:55 PDT 2008

On Tue, March 18, 2008 17:16, snow flake wrote:
> A properly seasoned cast iron pan "should" be pretty non stick as it is,
> however if more oil is needed, then a basting brush across the bottom
> should suffice if you are watching the fat in your food.  Using anything
> with additives like pam shouldn't be used on cast iron (in my experience),
> just as soap should never be used.

I once believed the no-soap-on-the-cast-iron-EVER line, but now I am
utterly convinced it is hooey. What convinced me? Dropping a seasoned pan
in the dish water accidentally and observing no ill effects.

So now I wash my beautifully seasoned cast iron all the time in dish
detergent in the sink with all my other dishes. It stays in only long
enough for a good cleanup and then it gets rinsed. I don't use anything
more than a stiff brush to get it clean so I don't abrade the coating. I
dry it thoroughly, then lightly oil it before putting it away. I don't
have a problem with it at all and I have been doing this for years now.

What I will completely agree with is "don't put seasoned cast iron in a
dishwasher". Both the temperature of the water and the detergent used in a
machine dishwasher are far harsher than the dish soap I use in my sink.
That WILL strip the season off pretty efficiently. If you really want to
start over again, that is a sure way to do it.

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