[Sca-cooks] PAM stuff stripping off the seasoning on iron ware?

ranvaig at columbus.rr.com ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Tue Mar 18 22:04:10 PDT 2008

>I once believed the no-soap-on-the-cast-iron-EVER line, but now I am
>utterly convinced it is hooey. What convinced me? Dropping a seasoned pan
>in the dish water accidentally and observing no ill effects.

Ok, I'm not a professional chef, and have been known to do stupid stuff.  But I often cook with Pam in my cast iron, and for years have used Pam to "lightly oil" my cast iron pans after washing and drying them over heat.  As soon as they look dry, I give them a light spritz from the Pam, and heat them another 5 mins or so.  The spray lets me get good coverage with just a bit of oil.  It never occurred to me that it might be a problem, and I've never noticed any. 

But then I wash my cast iron in soap too, when they need it.  Partly its because I'm a vegetarian, living with a carnivore.  If he cooks meat in one of MY pans, you bet it gets soap.  :)

And btw, I got to play with those IKEA knives tonight, and I love them.  The "utility knife" is very thin and very sharp, and was just the right size for my hands. YMMV.


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