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euriol wrote:
>Apicius Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome
>Joseph Dommers Vehling, Dover, 1978
>ISBN: 0-486-23563-7

Step away from the Vehling, step away from the Vehling. This has been 
frequently discussed on this list. Back when there was nothing, 
nothing, but Flower and Rosenbaum, which was hard to find once 
out-of-print before the web, and Vehling, well, this inexpensive 
Dover edition was what there was. It was highly flawed, but if it's 
all there was, well... Now, however, we have other better resources.

>Roman Cookery
>Elegant & Easy Recipes from History's First Gourmet
>John Edwards, Hartley & Marks Publishers, 1986
>ISBN: 978-0-881-79011-5

I don't own this, although i want to, for completeness' sake. I have 
read it and i do not recommend it. Some of his substitutions are 
inexplicable, such as rosemary for rue. There's no reason to get this 
book for any reason other than being a completist, since there are 
other better books out there.
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