[Sca-cooks] Recipe help

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Thu Mar 20 08:24:43 PDT 2008

Saint Phlip wrote:
>There's nothing wrong with eating kangaroo- knock yourself out ;-)
>Trouble is, not only do I not have anby kangaroo to cook, but it's
>also not period, since I believe kangaroos weren't discovered until
>sometime after Australia was discovered- certainly they weren't eaten
>reasonably commonly in Europe  at any time I'm aware of during our
>period- and the idea is to deeal with foods and recipes we might have
>found in European history, pre-1600.
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Tell that to the Aborigines ;-)

Besides, this list (in my limited experience) has been discussing 
much more than period cooking. Not that I am suggesting we go off on 
a long discussion of such.


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