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Saint Phlip phlip at 99main.com
Thu Mar 20 08:44:28 PDT 2008


I am asking for recipes specificly relating to an SCA Cooking
Collegium we're doing in June. Please read my initial request.

I realize you don't know me, or what I'm into, because I simply
haven't been posting much lately, due to my new job, but I'm very
serious about, and very interested in, period cookery, relating to
what was done primarily in Europe, primarily before 1600, although I'm
quite interested in other times and other places when I mention that
I'm interested in them.

While, " Tell that to the Aborigines ;-) " is an interesting
statement, for the purposes of the project for which I'm requesting
help, I would need documentation of Australian aborigines eating
kangaroos in Europe before 1600 CE in order to consider the topic
appropriate for my project.

And yes, I'm quite well aware that we'll veer off into other topics
quite often on this List. After all, I've been here since shortly
after it started, and have veered quite as cheerfully as anyone else.
However, I'm not interested in veering now, in this particular thread,
because I sincerely need to help of the serious cooks on this List, in
order to help the students and my fellow cooks at the Collegium expand
their horizons in terms of period foods. I specialize in butchering
and outdoor cookery, and I'd love to get people more open to those
topics as part of my contribution to more period cookery efforts.

Do you understand where I'm coming from now?

> Tell that to the Aborigines ;-)
> Besides, this list (in my limited experience) has been discussing
> much more than period cooking. Not that I am suggesting we go off on
> a long discussion of such.
> Dragon

Saint Phlip

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