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emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Fri Mar 21 18:23:09 PDT 2008

Lilinah / Urtatim / Anahita wrote:
> Emilio wrote:
> >Could you please try to recall or to look up where you got this?

> Hey, didn't you notice my "weasel words" (i.e., "going from memory 
here" and "ISTR")??  :-)
I certainly _did_ notice the words that you call "weasel words", but I was humbly hoping that perhaps you could 

at least drop me/us one line pointing into the direction of your memory/recalling. 

Much to my surprise and with great joy I have read the two detailed postings with your 

notes from Flower/Rosenbaum and Grocock/Granger. The latter book I do not yet know and

I will certainly get it as soon as possible. And I wonder if I have ever read the introductory 

section of F/R or if I have forgotten what I have read then.

I must confess that I never saw the 1541 edition of Apicius. There are other late editions online

like the ones from 1490, 1542 and 1709, but I did not see the Alban Thorer volume. 

Adamantius wrote:
> > G&G critique Vehling briefly on p. 122: 
> <snip>

> > They also critique Flower and Rosenbaum, although more kindly,

> I'm sure G&G's day will come, too; here's hoping the next person 
> to come along is kind to them.

Wisely spoken...

Thanks again!


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