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While we are talking about Roman food, I made a list of foods mentioned in  _Cooking Apicus_ by Sally Granger and and the Grocock/ Grainger translation of _Apicus_.   See the books for more info.

It was a fast compilation and probably has errors and omissions, but I'll post it, in case anyone might find it useful.   Please feel free to post corrections.

Veggies: Olives, onions, garlic, leeks (probably the long thin ones), asparagus, mushrooms, turnips, yellow or purple carrots, parsnip, white and black beets (but not red ones), old world gourds, taro, truffle, wild celery, citron melon, radish, cardoon, grape hyacinth bulbs, cucumis melo (a bitter cucumber), probably not sweet cucumbers

Greens: lettuce, endive, rocket, spinach, chard, leaf cabbage and loose heads, mustard greens, alexanders, chenopodium, mallow leaves, nettle

Fruit: apples, plums, grapes, melon, pears, peaches, pomegranate, quince, cherries, blackberries, citron, elderberries, apricot

Grains: whole wheat berries, whole barley, white flour, alica (emmer groats), medium grain rice, semolina, tracta (a thickener), bread

Legumes: chickpeas, marrowfat peas, dried fava beans

Nuts: almonds, walnuts, pine nuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, acorns

Dried Fruit: raisins, prunes/damsons, dates, dried figs, dry apricot

Dairy: Milk, Cheese, Eggs

Condiments: wine vinegar, olive oil, garum/liquimen/muria (fish sauce),  allec (fish paste), defrutum, date syrup, passum, honey, wine, sweet wine

Herbs: savory, rue, lovage, oregano, dill weed, cilantro (coriander herb), mint, flat leave parsley, thyme, bay leaves, pennyroyal

Spices: pepper, mustard seed, fennel, dill, celery (or lovage) seed, cumin, coriander, caraway, asafoetida resin (replacement for laser), myrtle berries, rue berries, bay berries (berry of the bay tree), ginger, salt, safflower, roses

Seasonings: saffron, pepper, ginger, laser, folium, myrtle berries, costum, clove, Indian nard, cardamom, spikenard

Seeds: poppy seed, green rue berries, bay berries, dill seed, celery

Meat: pork, beef, piglet, lamb, kid, hare, wild boar, deer, wild goat, wild sheep, dormice (glires)

Poultry: chicken, goose, guinea fowl, duck, peacock, pheasant, figpeckers, thrush, ostrich, crane, turtle-dove, wood-pidgeon, dove, francolin, flamingo

Fish: tuna, bonito, mullet, bream, sole, mullet, bass, plaice, mackerel, hake, dentex, gilthead bream, grey mullet, pike, perch, scorpion fish (rascasse) small fry, whitebait, salt fish, electric ray, moray eel

Shellfish: squid, langouste, lobster, scallops, cuttlefish, oyster, eel, crayfish, mussels, sea urchins, snails


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