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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Wed Mar 26 21:15:28 PDT 2008

Hrothny replied to someone with:
> No idea if this is the case, but that was the explanation.
> I use mineral oil, for the most part.

As do I. You're on the SCA Med. Sawdust list - do you remember the  
guy who
wrote about going into anapalactic (Okay, so I can't spell) shock after
eating from a dish that had been finished with walnut oil? My memory  
of his
account seems to have said that the wooden dish was not brand-new and  
been used by his hosts for a while.

So since I love the folks I know who have nut allergies, I use  
mineral oil.
So far (knock on wood), no one I know is allergic to it. >>>

Sigh. Another mail list I'd like to be on, and can't possibly keep up  
with. :-(

Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like you saved this particular  
message or that message thread. I would have loved to have had it for  
my wood-finishes-msg file. Until it came up here it hadn't occurred  
to be that walnut oil might be a problem. I've heard more about  
various finishing oils going rancid. The same is probably true for  
other folks and it would be nice to warn them.

You might mention on that list for me, that I'd love to have any  
articles on medieval wood-finishes that someone has written or would  
be willing to write, for the Florilegium. Actually, any articles on  
woodcrafting or various medieval/SCA projects would be nice.

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