[Sca-cooks] Salty carrots-from Isabella

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??? Are you maybe thinking of Meyer lemons with the size? The key limes I've encountered have all been tiny things--actually smaller than the usual lime.  Very tasty, though....
--Maire, who is devoutly wishing for a piece of some magical variety of low-cal key lime pie right now....
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  Speaking of polychrome veggies, I've seen white eggplants ( don't know if 
  they're period), across the pond they call the purple ones aubergines, which 
  is also the name for that color, somewhat like oranges I think. Not sure 
  which is the original. There is also a variety of limes called Key Limes, 
  they look like a lemon but they are actually a very large yellow skinned 
  lime that grows in South Florida and possibly the Caribbean.
  I think there are purple potatoes too that grow in the Andes

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