[Sca-cooks] Salty carrots-from Isabella (lemons)

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No, they key limes I saw where I grew up were large, but there's no reason 
they couldn't vary in size,  I suppose. I've never been fortunate enough to 
see Meyer lemons yet. Has anyone tried that Moroccan method of preserving 
lemons in salt? How does that come out? It looks interesting, but we haven't 
tried it yet.

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> ??? Are you maybe thinking of Meyer lemons with the size? The key limes 
> I've encountered have all been tiny things--actually smaller than the 
> usual lime.  Very tasty, though....
> --Maire, who is devoutly wishing for a piece of some magical variety of 
> low-cal key lime pie right now....
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>  Speaking of polychrome veggies, I've seen white eggplants ( don't know if
>  they're period), across the pond they call the purple ones aubergines, 
> which
>  is also the name for that color, somewhat like oranges I think. Not sure
>  which is the original. There is also a variety of limes called Key Limes,
>  they look like a lemon but they are actually a very large yellow skinned
>  lime that grows in South Florida and possibly the Caribbean.
>  I think there are purple potatoes too that grow in the Andes
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