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Yes,  thank you-the methods for preserving sound particulary interesting. 
I'll pass this along to Dan, I think he was the one who told me about 
oranges originally being sour. But today he's off seeing how deep Wakulla 
Springs is with some folks from National Geographic. Ph for the life of a 
geologist! He gets paid to do this!

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> Isabella commented:
> <<< PS: do changing flavors count too? Oranges were originally sour,
> I believe.
> And blood oranges are just cool looking, but hard to find. >>>
> These (sour oranges, blood oranges, sweet oranges) are three
> different varieties and originally came from different regions. I
> don't believe any of them are ancestors of the others. We've
> discussed oranges a number of times. All are available if you know
> where to look. The grapefruit does appear to be a hybrid, though. And
> yes, I believe limes and key limes are talked about in this file as
> well.
> Perhaps this might be of interest:
> fruit-citrus-msg (112K) 12/21/06    Period citrus fruits. Recipes.
> http://www.florilegium.org/files/FOOD-FRUITS/fruit-citrus-msg.html
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