[Ansteorra-announce] Children's Activities for Defender of the Fort

Charley Atchley Charley at lcc.net
Fri Aug 3 07:46:34 PDT 2001

For those parents who are trying to plan your fall event schedule, I would
like to inform you that I will be supervising Children's Activities for
Defender of the Fort on September the 15th.

I am the father of two children (ages 6 and 3), and mundanely I am a school
teacher. I will take children of most any age, but I don't do diapers (sorry
weak stomach.) All children attending children's activities must be wearing
their wrist bracelets with their parents name on it. I will try to provide a
napping spot in a tent that is some what bug proof for small children after
lunch. It is difficult for some children to sleep in the heat, with all of
the noise around them. If your child is fair skinned, please slather them
with sun screen. Please! no knifes, swords or other sharp pointy things.

I will have detailed information at the troll booth about the daily
activities, but here is preliminary plan for the day.
We will start at about 9:00 AM and I will try to keep going till around
Short Nature hike
Bead stringing
Snack Time (We will be providing Juice and fruit)
Story time
Lunch (We will be providing Juice, Bread, fruit, cheese and cookies)
Games (Small children nap time? Provide your own mat.)
Staff Spinning Demo by Alaric
Snack (We will be providing Juice and fruit)
Story time
Drumming for fun

Athaulf Sweinbrothar
Pleni sunt Porci et sollemnes.  |The swein are full and solemn.
Brevi audiemus cantum sonorum   |Soon we will hear their song,
profundumque.                   |sonorous and profound.

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